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TripAdvisor: A Road Trip to Success Tip for your Small Business (But Don’t Tell Anyone)

April Post2Shhhh. We have a secret to share with you.


Did you know on average 390 million people visited TripAdvisor last month alone? And 60 million people on average actively used TripAdvisor last month to help plan a trip?


These may be two of the most impressive and least known stats in the digital world. But now you know and can use this information to benefit your small business.


If you own a hotel, restaurant, tourist attraction, or operate a resource for the travel and tourism industry, adding your business on TripAdvisor should rise to the top of your to-do list. You want the potential to be seen by those 390 million people. And it’s free!


Once you’ve listed your business, consumers will gain access to details about and a description of your company, your geographical location, photos (if you choose to attach them), your contact information and more. Site visitors will also be able to sign in and write business reviews or read others’ reviews.


Setting up a TripAdvisor Account is almost too easy:


  1. Visit:
  2. Select your Business Type: Hotel, Restaurant, Attraction or Resource
  3. Follow the prompts and complete a form for your business


TripAdvisor’s already huge reach is further expanded through its partnerships with industry sites like Expedia,, OpenTable, etc. and most recently, GrubHub to offer food delivery.


→TIP: List your small business on TripAdvisor’s partner sites, too. Then your TripAdvisor listing will include a “Book Now” or “Reserve” link.


Need help? Northern Initiatives customers have access to a team of business services experts who can help you every mile of your own road trip to success.