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Foundational Partners
in Building Community

Northern Initiatives partners with many community and private foundations, commercial and community banks, and credit unions to support the start and growth of small businesses. 

Investments from foundations are put to work supporting small businesses right in their own communities. Read about A | M Floral and Gifts, helped in part by the Fremont Area Community Foundation; and the success of the Emmanuel Barbershop, with help from the Community Foundation for Muskegon County.

Through a Program Related Investment (PRI) a foundation can invest its own resources in a smart and tangible way. Often specific to a particular population or geography, this philanthropic capital can range from a term of 8-15 years and with a variable interest rate determined by the foundation.

“CDFIs like Northern Initiatives offer small businesses the opportunity to survive and thrive when other financing options are not available. They go beyond simply lending by offering coaching and other tools and resources. We’re proud to partner with Northern Initiatives by providing funding that is then used to support small businesses so they can start, build, and grow in our communities.”

- Shelly Kasprzycki, President and CEO, Fremont Area Community Foundation

Banks Supporting
Their Communities

Banks are our No. 1 referral partner and we often partner with them as a subordinate lender. But Northern Initiatives can also help them invest in their communities. By investing with Northern Initiatives, a bank knows its money will be put to work in the local community — and that investment will strengthen their Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) ratings. Banks and CDFIs can offer each other a lot, and the benefits of collaboration boost the bank, the CDFI, entrepreneurs, the community and even the economy as a whole. Northern Initiatives can help those that are currently unbankable access capital, strengthen their businesses and finances, and potentially be a new customers for the bank.

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Your support drives the growth of our communities. If you would like to support our mission financially, or by partnering with us, please contact us today!