Northern Initiatives Prosperity. Money and Know How

Photo courtesy West Michigan Hispanic Chamber of Commerce


Media shows the breadth of our lending

The Grand Rapids Business Journal and Marquette’s TV6 did stories about NI’s PPP initiative, showing the breadth of our lending coverage in Michigan

GR Business Journal“Northern Initiatives helped 10 Kent County businesses receive forgivable loans they otherwise could not get during the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), and although the PPP is over, the Michigan-based lender is not done helping under-resourced small businesses.”



Read the article in the Grand Rapids Business Journal







Fox TV6“This year, financial institution Northern Initiatives helped 87 businesses get that federal help. Of those businesses, 36 were located in the Upper Peninsula.”



Watch the story on Fox TV6





ABC10“With the help of Northern Initiatives, 87 businesses were helped through PPP loans. Northern Initiatives focuses on helping rural communities, farmers and diverse businesses, among others.”



Watch the story on ABC10