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Idea Mia

Idea Mia

Roscommon, Michigan

In 2008, Angela and Marco Cucco, with solid backgrounds in marketing, sales, and finance formed Idea Mia to produce and sell their first product, JetBag.

This product is a re-closable, durable, but light-weight absorbing vessel for transporting liquids. Today, JetBags are assembled in Roscommon at R.O.O.C. Inc.—a nonprofit organization within the Intermediate School District for Roscommon Ogemaw Oscoda Crawford County–that “supports people with disabilities to lead integrated and independent lives in their communities.” R.O.O.C. consumers assemble all products marketed by Idea Mia including JetBag Cigar, a portable humidor, and JetBag Tech, an effective portable drying system for cell phones and other devices that have inadvertently gotten wet. Idea Mia is R.O.O.C.’s primary customer so quality control exceeds typical industry standards.


In October of 2011, the Cuccos reached out to Northern Initiatives for help with expansion financing. A 60 month $50,000 SBA loan was approved for inventory and working capital needs. Idea Mia continues to expand their domestic and international distribution through several large and well-recognized retailers (Amazon, The Container Store, Staples, Urban Outfitters, Groupon, etc.). Direct online sales through three corporate websites are growing. The company anticipates adding a full time sales and marketing employee in 2014 if benchmarks are met.

Idea Mia Impacts

  • 15-20 Consumers of R.O.O.C. Services Work On Production, Order Fulfillment, and Shipping JetBag Products To Many Locations In The U.S. and Overseas
  • JetBag’s Materials for Three Made In The USA Product Lines Are Sourced From Six Different Suppliers In The Midwest
  • One Full Time Sales and Marketing Employee Anticipated in 2014

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