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AdvantEdge Sports Training


Marquette, Michigan

Dustin Brancheau, Director of AdvantEdge Sports Training, has independently grown the clientele in this 6,200 square foot warehouse-style gym to 200+ members and two locations.

Offering individualized programs and performance enhancing strategies for novices and elite athletes alike, “the Warehouse” in Marquette is a popular location for regional high schools, Northern Michigan University athletes, and professional athletes (currently six NFL players and 13 pro hockey players). With commitment to the unique West-Side Barbell program augmented by AdvantEdge’s personalized approach, members can expect to experience 30-50% performance gains. However, Brancheau’s philosophy permeates the facility – it doesn’t matter if members play in the NFL or are bank tellers; AdvantEdge is for anyone who wants to better themselves.


In fall 2013, the former owner of AdvantEdge Sports Training decided to divest the business and Brancheau eagerly stepped forward with the intention to purchase. Brancheau pursued traditional bank financing, but did not meet typical collateral requirements. A friend, who is a regional bank president, suggested Brancheau contact Northern Initiatives for help.


Brancheau’s success and potential for growth made this business a perfect candidate for the Eagle Emerging Entrepreneurs Fund. This fund was developed with assets from the Lundin Foundation and Eagle Mine and is managed by Northern Initiatives. The intention of the fund is to financially and technically assist micro-and small businesses in Marquette County. AdvantEdge Sports Training was the first loan client. Brancheau used the funds to purchase specialized equipment, the client base, and exclusive use of the regionally respected name, “AdvantEdge.”


Brancheau is now growing his client base with the announcement of a new location at Finlandia University in Hancock, with a goal of becoming a nationally recognized destination center for athletes. With the support of Northern Initiatives and the Eagle Emerging Entrepreneurs Fund, he looks forward to surprising the athletic community with what can be accomplished in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula at AdvantEdge Sports Training.

AdvantEdge Impacts

  • Jobs Retained: 1FTE
  • Jobs Created: 2 FTE

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