Meet Kall Morris Inc., space junk fighters!

One of our newest customers puts us over the moon!

Excerpts from Rural Innovation Exchange:

With a shared interest in cleaning up space and protecting humans from the detrimental effects of orbital debris, Northern Michigan University alumni and friends Adam Kall and brothers, Austin and Troy Morris, formed the Marquette-based Kall Morris Inc. (KMI) in 2019. 

KMI currently has 10 employees, ranging from advanced theoretical science modeling and prediction to engineers focused on physical models, manufacturing, and advanced capabilities,” Troy notes. “Additionally, most of us spend a lot of time in proposal writing to various government groups (NASA, NSF, DARPA, NRO, USSF, etc.) to develop these efforts, with the fantastic support of our technical writers, project management and communications team.

As the three co-founders met in Marquette during our undergrad at Northern Michigan University, we knew since freshman orientation that we wanted to build our lives in the U.P. Seeking employment after graduation led us to major national cities (New York City, Philadelphia and Chicago), but as we became dissatisfied in those early careers, we recognized that forming our own enterprise would allow us the opportunity to return. We wanted to come back to Marquette for the quality-of-life opportunities we had in our education and to provide high-skilled employment we didn’t have available to ourselves.

Since coming back to Marquette, we’ve had the wonderful fortune of working with so many groups (including Innovate Marquette, LSCP, SBDC, MEDC, & PTAC (now APEX)) and businesses (notably Campfire Coworks, Orbion Space Technology, ATLAS Space Operations, Menlo Innovations) for meeting relevant members of the community, investments, and other ways we all work together. 

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