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A project that Northern Initiatives developed with the US Small Business Administration was to capture operations and best practices across users of the Microloan and Community Advantage Programs. The result is a series of videos and commentaries from practitioners in the mission-driven lending field including input from CDC Small Business Finance, LiftFund, MoFi, PeopleFund, and the Women’s Wisconsin Business Initiative Corporation. These videos can be found on the SBA website.


…..Fuels Innovation


It is a pleasure to share the great work of many of our colleagues around the US. I think sometimes there is a misconception about non-profits – that we live a simpler life and if the important work were being done privately, it would be scalable. However, it is not being done by the private sector (unless you include predatory practices), and so, therefore, it is challenging work. Our successful peers have mastered top-notch business practices and great operating systems. Those who haven’t, just like some of our small business customers, don’t grow.


With these videos, I am very proud of what we produced as teaching tools, but also for highlighting the dedication, and the great work of peers. It is great to be part of a field that, as you can see in the videos, values their work and building relationships with their customers on a path to success.


–Dennis West, President

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