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One would expect along with seasonality taking its course in Michigan that jobless rates would have dropped in June. That would also be a fair prediction based upon employers searching for employees. Strangely, the jobless rates only went down in 21 counties, stayed the same in one county and rose in 56 counties. Before we begin jumping to conclusions, the same thing happened one year ago. One truth in the data is that rural counties will be more likely to have jobless rates that are higher than the overall rate for their respective states and in a strong economy this remains true.


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Who doesn’t love a good restaurant? Recently, I have been able to make a couple of visits to our customer, 40 Acres in Grand Rapids. It has been a delight. This customer is one more example of how the food scene in America has skyrocketed. The unique recipes, flavors, and great atmosphere stand out in relation to the consistent and predictable.


Speaking of the food scene, we will celebrate our 25th Anniversary in five locations, the first of which is September 17th, at The Delft Bistro in Marquette. There will be excellent food, prizes from customers, and a former customer Chasin’ Steel will provide the evening’s entertainment. Tickets for only $25, will be available soon. The other celebrations to follow will take place in Clare, Iron Mountain, Sault Ste. Marie and Traverse City.


Monthly Musings from President, Dennis West


Northern Initiatives has now made 300 loans in Marquette County. We believe the fruition of Marquette’s successes is a result of pairing a wide variety of competent partners with an entrepreneurial culture. We respond to what a community offers when it has an entrepreneurial spirit, Northern Initiatives is a great fit.


Marquette has a very strong entrepreneurial infrastructure with institutions that support the development of ideas. It has bankers who associated strongly with their community and want to see customers succeed, along with accountants, lawyers, and insurance supports that play both a role in transactions, but are also trusted, counselors. Marquette also has Northern Michigan University, helping build the market and bringing ideas into the community, and a desire for many to stay here. The density of locally owned small businesses, willing to share information and ideas with one another truly makes Marquette special.


Finally, it’s what these community businesses offer; local, fresh, natural and authentic products and services that must be valued in order to have a market.


Featured Customer: Busy Boys Home Solutions



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Lake Effect Associates


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Northern Initiatives wishes to thank our funders, investors and donors for their continued support. Northern Initiatives provides money and know how to start-ups and growing businesses. We invite you to join us to help more businesses start and grow. Please consider giving a donation today.



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