Want to Drive More Traffic to Your Small Business? Three Reasons to Use Google Search Ads

Imagine you are traveling to northern Michigan around the holidays. You search Google for a good restaurant and small batch beer. You type in your search words (‘restaurant’ ‘northern Michigan’ ‘beer’), click, and here’s what might pop up at the top of the search list:




As a small business owner, you’ve just witnessed three reasons to use Google Search Ads:


  1. Immediacy: potential customers are seeing your business at the very moment they’re searching for the things you offer or where you are located (small batch/hand-crafted beer, northern Michigan, artisan food).
  2. Accuracy: you can create ad campaigns highlighting your particular strengths and specialties (‘small batch’ ‘hand-crafted’ ‘artisan’).
  3. Attention: search ads appear at the top of the search list before all the other noise.


Did you know that you only pay for Google Search Ads when someone clicks your ad? You set your budget for the campaign in advance and only pay for each click (instead of a flat fee no matter how many people see it with a traditional advertising campaign).


Are Google Search Ads right for you? They generate traffic and boost sales for small businesses all around the world. For a small investment of time and money, yours can be one of them.


Google’s Search Ad website helps you get started.

  • TIP: More people click on ads when the headline includes the keywords they’re searching. So use your keywords in your headline when you can.

Bring in those holiday sales and keep them coming after the rush. Let Google’s search engine do the heavy lifting!


By the way, that effective Google Search Ad shown above is a Northern Initiatives customer. We can help you, too.

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