Marketing Strategies and Tactics

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Let’s assume you’ve defined your business vision and identified your goals.


You’ve put a marketing plan in place to achieve those goals.

[If not, click here for a five-step approach to creating one]




Now you need to channel your inner Don Shula (the winning-est coach in the NFL) and determine


1. strategies to achieve the goals outlined in your marketing plan, and


2. specific tactics to accomplish each strategy.


But first, what is the difference between marketing strategy and marketing tactics? These tools go hand in hand, but play different roles.


Your strategy is your blueprint for reaching your marketing goals. It defines the objectives and direction your company will take. It answers the questions:


  • WHY are you doing this?
  • WHO are you trying to reach?
  • WHERE are you trying to reach them?
  • WHEN is the best time to deploy this strategy?


It is high to mid-level thinking such as: “Generate More Leads Through An Online Presence.”


Your tactics are actions that put your marketing strategy in motion. In the example above, tactics could include: secure a domain name, build a website, learn about SEO, etc.


Strategy explains your business purpose. Tactics are the processes you use to move forward.


The final play of the day: Cost Versus Benefit




Explore each possible strategy you developed and determine the likely return-on-investment. Consider the amount of time, associated costs and expenses needed to develop and execute each strategy.


Once you’ve clarified the cost/value for each, prioritize your list. Most likely you won’t have the human and financial resources to act on every strategy you create. So, choose one or possibly two marketing strategies to begin to up your game.

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