Branding Your Small Business: 5 Reasons It’s Worth Your While

build a brand


There’s no debating that “branding” is a business buzzword right now. Everyone is familiar with megabrands like Nike shoes, Starbucks coffee, and Apple computers (I bet you just saw their logos* in your mind, right?). But as a small business owner, do you wonder if it is worth your while to put effort into building a brand?


The answer is a resounding YES. We’ll get to why in a moment.


But first, what really is a brand?


Your brand is what sets you and your business apart. It’s never just your logo, name or tagline. It has a real and distinct personality, an energy and attitude, character, behavior, value system, code of ethics.”


“Your brand reflects who you are (you’re the Brand Guardian, after all), what you believe in, what you offer and why you do what you do. And, of course, why it matters.”


— Branding guru, Mary Van de Wiel


So…why is it worth it?


1.   A brand (including a logo) offers instant recognition for your business that spans digital and print.


2.  A brand creates connection and engagement – with your customers, lending partners, business services, etc.


3.  Connection with your brand and engagement leads to sales and provides a competitive advantage.


4.  A brand unifies your employees and supports your corporate strategy.


5.  Branding builds financial value for your business. A recognizable brand contributes to the perceived and actual worth of your company.


If you are ready to build a brand for your company, this quick read is for you.


*Remember that while the logos for these companies are ubiquitous, they are not brands. A brand is so much more, and if it isn’t already, can become one of the most important components of your business.

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