Small Business Loan: Where To Go When The Bank Says No

You have an awesome business idea – it’s smart, unique, has demand, and you believe has the potential to support your financial goal. But, you need some start-up capital and the banks keep saying no. From a traditional banker’s perspective your idea may be unproven, requires too much risk, or you can’t prove you can pay back the loan. You’re stuck. Now what?


High Risk Can Mean High Reward

Most banks do not lend today without collateral – too risky! Banks depend on your assets and your ability to pay off the business.


However, we believe high risk can also mean high reward. So apply for one of our business loans. We take a fresh look at your business plan and potential. We consider you, not just your business, and work to help you capture the resources you need to move forward.  Once a business gains additional backing the conversation with banks change. We want to help you get there.


Our Attitude Toward Lending

We review much of the same business information banks do, but we look at it a little differently. We hear your story, define the potential in your idea and advocate for your loan. While we do consider credit scores, we always know that a person and a story are behind the numbers.

A different look at lending


Starting and growing a business is much more complicated than receiving a loan; we get that. Our customers have access to a pool of business resources, like expert consultants and access to 24/7 business tools and information, through Initiate- our online learning portal.


These resources are designed to help you grow your money, marketing, and management skills. Giving you both the money and the know how to build a successful business is an important part of our approach.


Starting The Loan Process Is Easy

Getting started with Northern Initiatives is simple. Just visit our website and answer a few questions. After we determine eligibility, we will work with you to:


  1.       Complete the application
  2.       Compile necessary documentations to support your loan
  3.       Review loan terms, conditions and structure
  4.       Close on your loan
  5.       Gain access to complementary training, coaching and tools


So, if the bank isn’t an option, visit our website or give us a call for more information on our loan and business service programs.

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